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Here Be Dragons. The reason as to why this appeared along the fringes of some Medieval maps is still disputed. Some say it marked places where early explorers found the fossilised remains of large, prehistoric alligators. Others state it was merely some dramatic cartographic flair. Whatever the reason, it denoted uncharted territory – a forewarning to those that would venture forward into the unknown.

Today it’s kind of hard to imagine a world unmapped, though exploration needn’t necessarily be discovering what no one else has. For us, our undertaking remains a giant leap into the unknown. A map will tell you where a place is, but not what it’s like. And that’s what we’d like to know.

Two people, two bicycles and enough bated breath to power a small turbine should our dynamos fail. All that we know is we’re starting in New Zealand, and we’re going to head north west, across the World. 

Luke & Flora

If you'd like to get in touch, please email us on ljdouglas_88@hotmail.com or flora.r.hodson@gmail.com

If you're really desperate for some coffee break procrastination, you could take a look at our first attempt at touring, pedalling fixed gear bicycles along the river Danube back in 2011. It's distinctly whittier for having been written in part by our third wheel Harvey whom we've missed having around on this tour! Read it here.