Forty five days in Australia (Fair dinkum)

Number of days: 45 (30 when we didn't ride)

Distance cycled: 1468km cycled (Trip total 6008km)

Longest day: 146km

Distance driven: 3952km (in 6 days!)

Nights camped: 15

Crossings of the Great Dividing Range: three

Get downs: Luke 0 Flora 1 (Benoit!)

Kangaroo selfies: a couple each, at least

Accordion serenades: one, to the Pogues!

Places/people we didn’t want to leave: Lots

Best bits: Swimming with actual Dolphins, Melbourne, Beechworth, Broulee, Brisbane. Kangaroo dodging in the Northern Territory.

A place we liked a whole lot more than we thought we would. After being all misty eyed with New Zealand we expected Australia to be big, hot, brash and monotonous in comparison. It was very hot, and impressively vast, but also extremely varied and not quite so stereotypically brazen either. Travel and food is generally expensive, but it was certainly possible to cycle and camp very cheaply and we found the locals to be very hospitable towards bicyclists. Whilst we didn’t end up riding as far as we could have, or would have liked, it was more than worth it as we were able to see friends we hadn’t seen in ages (who spoilt us rotten), meet friends of friends and make some new ones. Having only really skimmed the surface of this island in order to make progress towards Asia, we know there’s some serious adventure to come back for.